Frequently Needed Professional Plumbing Services for Businesses

Many of the plumbing issues that occur in residential areas also happen to businesses, except on a larger scale. The business structure houses more people who utilize the systems and has a broader plumbing network where things can fail more easily. Some common plumbing issues that plumbers see for commercial areas are listed below with the help from KL1 plumber. As many of these common plumbing issues can interrupt a business’ productivity significantly, even being aware of what could go wrong can help you to schedule preventative maintenance.

  1. Clogged drains: Whether in the kitchen and food preparation areas or located in the restroom facilities, clogged drains can cause a host of issues, the least of which is halting functionality. A clogged bathroom drain, such as for the shower in a gym setting, can lead to showers that can’t be used due to grimy water that builds up and can’t be disposed of. In a kitchen related area like for a restaurant, a clogged drain can halt food production. Because of their relation to functionality and hygiene, clogged pipes are a commonly serviced issue.
  2. Toilet Clogs:With the sheer number of people running around the building, especially for buildings that have more public restrooms, toilet clogs are often inevitable. Not only smelly, but these clogs can also cause many hygiene issues and make the workplace miserable to be. Plumbers are usually called at the first sign of a toilet clog.
  3. Toilet Handles: Similar to a toilet clog, a broken handle prohibits proper waste disposal and can cause a slew of issues. Commercial areas are quick to call on plumbers to fix this and restore functionality.
  4. Water Temperature Regulation:Within the network of plumbing inside a business building, making sure that adequate water temperatures are available. Even if the water temperatures are just for employees washing their hands in the restroom when wonky temperatures arise, it usually means that the water heater needs service, and water heaters are very complicated, much more so than residential versions, requiring the help of a plumber. Most business typically calls on plumbers to inspect a water heater as often as every few months, because regular maintenance can prevent a very costly replacement expense. Also, plumbers often help replace the thermostats or add insulation to these.
  5. Silent Leaks:Just like a residential leak, a commercial leak requires a plumber’s help. Spots within walls, ceilings, and floors can indicate an issue. In addition to the more obvious signs, the sheer size of the plumbing network for a business can make it exceptionally challenging to locate a leak until it is too late.
  6. Mold:This is a common side effect of most of the above plumbing issues that plumbers will discover. While plumbers are not the specialists needed to eradicate the mold, they can do in-depth pipe testing if you think there might be mold because of a pipe leak.

When servicing commercial areas most plumbers will be called out for maintenance checks most commonly if only to prevent future larger issues from disrupting the workplace, but also help with the above problems. To find out more, you can contact KL Plumber from